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Family business - 

since 1993

"Everyone has their position, everyone has their strength, everyone has their weakness. Knowing all of this enables us to be the best team in the world!"

Since its founding in 1993, we have been dealing with the development and further development of high-quality nutritional supplements on a daily basis. Experience combined with a spirit of innovation allows us to put together new nutrient combinations. that you won’t find somewhere else.

We are characterized by the highest level of expertise in the field of micronutrients, which we have acquired over the years. In addition to our 25 years of experience, we are also assisted by the latest scientific findings, which we study as part of further training (e.g. master's degree in micronutrient therapy) and seminars .

We live the concept of a family business to perfection. Our unique way of dealing with each other and a team that not only consists of colleagues, but also friends and family, enrich our everyday work.


When selecting our raw materials, we always make sure that they meet our high standards for the quality of our products. It can therefore take a while from the product idea to the finished product.


Founded in 1993 by Margot and Claus Ritzer, the company Anusan has been a true family business since its founding and is now successfully managed by the children, Annou and Christian Ritzer, in the second generation.


Anusan products are not available everywhere and for everyone. Why? Because we want to guarantee extensive advice from trained specialists. Only in this way can we be sure that our nutrients are used in a targeted manner.


Many of our customers have been relying on our expertise and our products for years. For us, personal support & advice is an important part of our daily business.

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