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Micronutrients & Health

Knowledge creates health

"Because knowledge creates health" - under  We have been training specialist staff on their personal path in this motto for almost 30 years
the world of micronutrients.


In doing so, we rely not only on the latest scientific results, but also on experience that
we have been allowed to collect with micronutrients since 1993.


We impart this knowledge to you together with leading experts, both in
Weekend and evening events as well as in our online academy, as part of webinars.

Webinars &
online media library

product training

Certificate training courses

Many free offers

Certificate training


Micronutrient Advisor

As part of the advanced training course to become a micronutrient consultant, we focus entirely on the world of micronutrients. It is not only about the general knowledge of different nutrient groups, but also about the whole special use of individual vitamins, minerals,
secondary plant substances and much more.

Take a look with us at which parts of our body micronutrients are needed, how we metabolize them and which synergies are particularly promising.


Micronutrients are one of the most important tools we can use in health counseling, especially in the area of prevention.

So learn how to use nutrients in general and our products in particular, and become onesuch a certified micronutrient consultant

health coach

Our newly launched advanced training course to become a health coach serves all participantsAcquisition of basic knowledge on the subject of human health. In addition, we take a look at common complaints and forms of illness
from various areas.


What problems arise here and how can we counteract them. This includes, among other things, the general understanding of metabolic processes and processes in the body or the functions of individual organs and organ systems.

Analysis, in combination with the topic of prevention, also forms an important pillar of this training concept. How can we use a wide variety of analyzes to identify a need for action at an early stage and then derive appropriate measures?



Our entire webinar offer is free of charge for our customers.

We use this platform to regularly offer our partners the opportunity for further training.


Once a month, always
Wednesday evening takes place
Webinar on the application-oriented
use of micronutrients. We will discuss
changing health issues
and introduce you to the most important micronutrients.

These webinars are going live
aired and in one
media library available



product training

In our online media library
see a number
Short videos in which we present you with the most important information about individual products.

These webinars lie
only as a recording
before. This is particularly important
about ingredients, prices and dosages.



For our device users:
Inside and customers of analysis systems, we regularly organize online training courses on
correct handling of the nica technology.

Basics are discussed here as well as case studies from the


These webinars are broadcast live and made available in a media library.




face-to-face appointments



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Christian Ritzer, MMA

Christian Ritzer is managing director of the company Anusan and was one of the first students worldwide to complete the master's degree in "Micronutrient Therapy & Regulatory Medicine".

With his well-founded specialist knowledge and many years of experience, he will guide you as a training manager through large parts of the training courses


Margot Ritzer

Margot Ritzer is the founder of Anusan and director of the Institute for Nutrition and Health. Her unique expertise, which she has developed over decades, has always inspired her listeners.

She is our expert for secondary plant substances and for the holistic analysis with our nica systems.

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