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nica analysis

for humans

Recognize & evaluate frequency patterns

The human body and the communication in the organism works in many parts by generating and transmitting electrical and / or electromagnetic impulses. or electromagnetic impulses, which are basically triggered by the vibration of individual atoms.

Thereby every atom, every molecule, every cell, every organ and at the end the body as a whole vibrates in its very own, characteristic way.

These frequencies generated by vibrations are different in healthy structures of the body than in impaired ones.

By measuring and evaluating the electromagnetic frequency patterns with the help of reference data, it is possible to determine very well whether a harmonious regulation is taking place.

Important notice: The nica® technology serves exclusively to determine the energetic state of the respective person / animal. We point
expressly point out that the results do not represent a medical diagnosis and cannot replace one. The nica® system is not
medical device.

Holistic analysis

Harmonizing balancing

Automatic product recommendation



Holistic analysis

With the help of our nica checks, you can check the energetic status of a person in just a few minutes using ready-made analysis programs (e.g. general status check).

In addition, we also enable you to compile individual analysis programs for even more detailed work with your customers.

Harmonizing balancing

Our balancing function offers the possibility of an energetic harmonizing application in just 10-15 minutes.

You can also put together individual balancing programs based on the analysis results.

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And much more

  • Online report for the customer

  • Automatic evaluation of all results

  • Cross-section analysis

  • process control

  • Operation via touch screen

  • Online updater

  • Free updates


Secure &
independently tested

Battery operation possible

Light weight

Practical user bag

Leasing is possible from around €315.00 per month

2 year guarantee

"The important thing is health.
Everything else comes with time."

nutritional supplement

Our nutritional supplements are characterized by highly pure, safe and synergistic formulations.

training & academy

Our own training academy offers you a range of professional training opportunities online and offline. This is how you learn the right way to handle nutrients.

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