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dietary supplements

Passion for micronutrients since 1993 .

Family-owned company since 1993

Pioneers in the field of food supplements

Anusan has been developing, designing and selling advanced nutritional supplements since 1993.

​When selecting our raw materials, we as a family business attach great importance to high quality and a natural or as close to nature origin as possible.

In addition to dietary supplements, we also offer our customers the unique non-invasive analysis technology "nica".

Doctors, non-medical practitioners, athletes and holistic cosmetic institutes all over Germany, parts of Europe and the whole world trust in our products and our expertise.

We convince through know-how and experience

High purity products. Made in Germany.

Extensive range of further education and training courses

Known for excellent customer service


High quality nutritional supplement

Recognized worldwide for years. The best of all worlds. Made in Germany.

Our products are characterized by highly pure formulations, synergistic and holistic formulations, moderate dosages and natural raw materials. In addition to secondary plant substances (such as beta-glucan, papain, turmeric and much more), you will also find famous classics among dietary supplements in our product range, such as vitamin D3, magnesium or omega-3.

According to our own "purity law", we do without all superfluous additives and adjuvants such as colorants, fillers, preservatives, coating agents and much more.

First-class know-how

Through experience and the most innovative training

Not only do we have almost 30 years of experience in the development of high-quality and complex nutritional supplements, we also demonstrate unique know-how.

Our founder Margot Ritzer is one of the most recognized experts in secondary plant compounds, our CEO Christian Ritzer was one of the first students worldwide to complete the master's degree program in "Micronutrient Therapy & Regulatory Medicine".

As heads of our development and training team, they have been realizing unique and high-quality formulations for years.


Whole body analysis for specific recommendation

Only a targeted use of nutritional supplements can develop their full potential. That is why we have been working with our nica analysis for many years.

nica® technology is a method that uses a low-frequency carrier signal to analyze electromagnetic frequency patterns
frequency patterns and thus identifies areas of the body in need of support.


The check takes 10 minutes and is completely painless.
As part of the evaluation, you will receive an individual micronutrient recommendation calculated based on the results.


is very important to us

As a genuine second generation family company, we place great importance on harmonious, trusting and cooperative relationships with our employees, colleagues, customers and business partners.

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